Fun+Sexy=Vizzini ; it’s that simple! That one equation is what makes Vizzini designs so appealing to all women. Paula Vizzini Lowe is the brainchild behind these fun sexy creations and an up-and-coming designer who is focused on bringing, fun, sexy, and luxurious handbags to the marketplace at an accessible price point.

The inspiration for Vizzini Designs originated after Paula became a mom. During that time she noticed a void in the market for handbags that were both edgy and luxurious at a price point that a mother or any other cost conscious person could afford.

Having two children of her own and a wonderful support group of other mothers around her; Paula realized an unfortunate common occurrence that takes place after motherhood begins – a loss of self. Too easily the spicy, sexy, edgy women we were lies dormant after the mom in us surfaces. Vizzini creations promises to bring “that” woman back to life in a big way! The vibrancy and glam of the Vizzini line is sure to bring out the sexy goddess in anyone – it’s unmistakable!

Paula is a small town girl with big city desires! She earned a Bachelor’s degree in business from Southeastern Louisiana University and has been quite successful as a home builder. Paula’s zest for life and enthusiasm for everything fashionable creates a magnetism that is hard to resist.

Paula gives big time thanks to her husband, Brian who lifts her up and is her biggest fan. Paula also credits Desiree Simmons, her friend and fellow mother, for her help in brainstorming the creative side of Vizzini. And of course, her family, including sisters, brother-in-law, mom and dad for all of their excitement and involvement during the years of research and creation while developing Vizzini designs.

One look at the Vizzini line and you know you’re in for a real treat! You’re invited to dig in and let your inner goddess shine – soon you’ll realize glam is not just for dress up anymore!

Vizzini is upfront